Hungry? Davao Eats for P200 or less

Hello, Sunday! While I would usually be spending the entire day at Church; today, I’m sick. So, that means bed rest and Netflix (or Youtube, actually). I definitely have a lot of time in my hands.

A friend from Cebu visited me recently. I wanted to host her properly because they own the school my sister studies in. Hahaha. Anyway, my little dilemma was where I was supposed to take her. I only know of one thing to do in Davao: living here. Cos Life is here, of course. 😉 Somebody else ended up touring them and I got off the hook, but it really got me thinking. So for future reference, I’ve made a list of cheap, good, local food I’ve tried over the years. Most of these were hole-in-the-wall types until their popularity surged. Have any other suggestions and additions? 😀

  1. Majid’s Kabab

Majid’s Kabab is located at Rizal St. beside Las Casitas Hotel. It used to be run by the late Majid, himself, a former Hollywood stuntman-turned-restaurateur. They specialize in Persian cuisine. They’ve actually been featured on TripAdvisor as one of the go-to places in Davao. Try: Beef Kabab and Chicken Biryani.

2. Kamo Japanese Restaurant

Kamo is a small outdoor type restaurant in Damosa, Lanang behind the Mindanao Kokusai Daigaku. It’s run by Nobu-sensei, a Japanese expatriate, who prepares most of the dishes here. It’s the cheapest authentic Japanese restaurant I know within the city. Just be prepared for a more casual type of environment. Try: everything, really, but I love their Ebi Tempura and sukiyaki. Their ramen and broth are also always freshly prepared.They also have a small-sized serving of okonomiyaki, which is good if you just want a taste.

3. Kushiya Japanese Restaurant

Located at the same compound as Kamo, Kushiya is known more for its grilled and fried meats. It’s a more popular hangout for students and yuppies because of the affordable prices. Try their grilled and fry set and okonomiyaki (which comes in only 1 size).  Good news for folks at the opposite side of town, they now have a branch at Quirino Ave. in the compound with Backyard Burgers. Try their beef wagyu cubes grilled and sprinkled with a little salt.

4. Lachi’s Sans Rival

A small pastry shop at Ruby St. Marfori Heights, Lachi’s used to be known for their specialty Sans Rival. Now, they’re a go-to place for nice meals and affordable desserts. For meals, try their Unforgettable Pork Spareribs, lechon kawali, meatloaf, and laing. For desserts, their sans rival and cheesecakes take the cake. Make sure to make a reservation as the place gets full very easily. If you just want to have cakes and coffee, they have a new branch in Tulip Drive for coffee or cake take-outs.

5. Hito-an in Los Amigos, Tugbok

This is a far travel from the above places, but if you’re giving a tour to visitors, you’ll surely go to Philippine Eagle Park.

I’m an alumna of University of the Philippines Mindanao so this place is just a stone’s throw away. There are actually several restaurants in this area serving hito in different ways: grilled, deep-fried, sinigang, adobo, etc. The best part is eating with your bare hands, kinamot-style and finishing off your meal with a glass of ice cold soda. Yum!

Bonus: Junex Tuna Place (idk the name, actually)

Located at Cordillera St. Central Park, Subdivision, this place is known to those who live in the South and pass through our subdivision as a short-cut. This hole-in-the-wall place used to only sell tuna and other frozen fish, until they started serving grilled tuna. They’re enjoying a boom now, with people wanting to try out their affordable meals. Try their grilled tuna panga.

So there you have it, just 5 cheap places in Davao to satisfy your food cravings. I know we have a LOT of other restaurants here, so feel free to drop me a hello and a suggestion. I’d love to try them out and recommend them to others! Ciao bella! AYA ❤



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