Welcome 2017

Hello, 2017! Well, hello, July, at least. 10 years after Multiply dot com, I’m finally starting my own blog. I’m on the road to self-discovery and hoarding positive, life-changing memories.

Aside: I just spent Php699 on a domain name that I thought I could use but turns out I can’t. Oh well. Go visit me at attyaya.com

Hello, to you, reader. I’m Aya, 27, lawyer, single, and cute as hell. I’ve discovered I like self-deprecating jokes and false modesty.


I’m a Christian and I try to live my life according to Christ’s standard. I’m currently a Case Decongestion Officer under the Supreme Court of the Philippines. I love life and living.

Join me in this journey of healing, discovery, and growth. I’ll write anything about the Law, being a lawyer, being a Christian, being a (trying hard) linguist, and whatever crosses my mind. Grazie mille! ❤


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